Welcome Web Lovers!

Welcome, Its Abbie here this Website is for Moshi Monster LOVERS :) Every update and news will be posted here! All the moshling codes work! I have tested them on my TEST account! Add i dont have them all on my normal account though! Add: abbi3s0im3ns3. People can also win my RARE accounts! In my competitons and quizzes they are about Moshi Monsters how well do you know it? Obviously i will have to figure out some of the missions first so be patient :)

Moshi Quizz

This is a short Moshi Quizz! Answer a few questions about me if you add me you will find out  some of them ;)
As this is only a short quizz the prize is SMALL its only a RARE moshling code and a secret code.
Answers will be posted on Friday!
1. What is MY favourite Moshling?
2. What is my monster ( Zommer, Furi......)
3. What colour is my Monster?
4.What is the Money Monsters use? CLUE: R
5.What moshling is named simular to a singer?
Send all your answers to abbiewhittaker@hotmail.co.uk include your email adress so i can tell you if you have won the email i send you will include the code and the moshling code PLEASE JOIN THE FUN :) P.S My moshi name: abbi3s0im3ns3 ADD ADD ADD!

Your Storys!

Hey there,
we want to post a few of your moshi monster storys onto the website for everyone to see! Only 4 storys will be posted me Hannah and Kirsty will decide the ultimate winners! The winners will get a RARE moshling code and will be able to post whatever they want onto this website! ENTER NOW! The deadline is Friday SO SEND ALL YOUR STORYS TO................ abbiewhittaker@hotmail.co.uk SEND SEND SEND!

Design Your Own!

Hey! We want to see YOUR moshling designs up here on this website! Design your own moshling competition! What new moshling could you have? Cheryl Mole? J.K Grownling? Its all in YOUR hands! The winner will win a member account! Not rare but 1 month membership! Entries in on Friday please! Winners art work will be posted on here everyday! For special occasions we will dress it up! Winer Halloween.. And so on Send your entries to abbiewhittaker@hotmail.co.uk ! Could you be the winner?